🪙Token metrics

CBetChip is the backbone of the CBetWorld platform and is required to play all of its games.

It is an ERC20 token with a 4% trading fee, which is divided into three parts:

  • 2% is distributed to stakers as rewards

  • 1% is used to add liquidity to the market

  • 0.5% is allocated for marketing purposes

  • 0.5% is allocated for loser bonus for player

The total supply of CBetChip tokens is 20 million. and 15 million is locked for next versions

Version 1 token distribution (5M)

  • 2.5 million will be distributed during the presale phase.

  • 0.25 million tokens are reserved for the game pool, which will be used to distribute rewards to players.

  • 0.25 million tokens are reserved for marketing and consultants.

  • 0.5 million tokens are reserved for the CBetWorld team.

The tokenomics of CBetChip is designed to provide value to both players and investors, ensuring the sustainability and growth of the CBetWorld platform.

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