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Welcome to CBetWorld, an innovative casino platform built on blockchain technology.

This guide is designed to help potential investors understand how they can benefit from investing in CBetWorld.

Invest in CBetChip Tokens

CBetWorld requires the use of its native token, CBetChip, to play its games.

Investors can buy and hold CBetChip tokens as a long-term investment.

As the CBetWorld platform grows and gains more users, the demand for CBetChip tokens will increase, leading to an increase in their value.

Additionally, investors can use CBetChip tokens to play games on the platform or stake on games to earn a share of the profits.


Staking is a unique feature of the CBetWorld platform that allows investors to earn a share of the profits from each game by providing liquidity to the game pool.

Investors can choose which games to stake on and earn according to their share in the pool.

Additionally, stakers can earn revenue from the CBetChip token ecosystem by trading fees.

The staking fee is 5%, with 3% added to the ETH rewards for stakers and 2% paid to the platform

There is an initial unstaking penalty of 10% with 8% added to the ETH reward for stakers and 2% to the platform for one month.

Roadmap and Future Developments

CBetWorld has a clear roadmap for future developments and improvements.

The team plans to add more games, features, and integrations to the platform to enhance the user experience and increase revenue streams.

As the platform evolves and grows, the value of CBetChip tokens is expected to increase, providing a high-return investment opportunity for early investors.

In summary, investing in CBetWorld offers an exciting opportunity to participate in the growth of an innovative casino platform built on blockchain technology.

Investors can benefit from the potential increase in value of CBetChip tokens, earn a share of the profits from staking, and participate in the future developments of the platform.

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